Health and Safety

Quality Policy

VISION SAFETY L.L.C., follows international quality control, quality assurance and service standards. The primary endeavor for the management and its entire staff is to hold high standards in Techno commercial fronts. The company will ensure adherence to International standards on manpower policies, engineering principles, contracting practices and accounting.  Our business is grounded in Total Quality Management (TQM) practices.

HSE Policy

We incorporate health safety and environment (HSE) management systems into all phases & our business activities and have pledged continuous improvement to protect the safety of our people & the environment.

VISION SAFETY LLC endorses the principle of sustainable development. It recognizes that sustainable development includes commitments to health, safety and the environment through a balanced approach to economic, technical, social issues. Through VISION SAFETY’S installation and other activities, VISION SAFETY applies appropriate environmental, health and safety risk management practices.

To implement this Policy and it’s commitment to such principles and practices, VISION SAFETY will:

  • Assess, plan, construct, and commission all projects and facilities in compliance with all applicable legislation. We will seek not only to meet but, when possible surpass standards set by applicable legislation through the diligent application of technically proven and economically feasible measures.
  • In the absence of legislation, apply cost-effective best management practices to advance environmental protection to all our facilities and rojects and to minimize risk to occupational and public health and safety and the environment.
  • Maintain active, ongoing monitoring programs to evaluate operational risk to human health and safety and the environment and apply appropriate risk management principles to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and internal requirements
  • Involve all employees at all level in the program directed towards continuous improvement of the workplace environment health and safety and the minimization of adverse effect on the environment and personnel.
  • Employ appropriate HSE management systems that are intended to continually improve performance consistent with defined goals.
  • Review with VISION SAFETY Management, on a regular basis, company performance with respect to occupational health and safety and the environment.

VISION SAFETY regards the quality of the environment, the health, and the safety of its employees and the communities in which it operates as among its highest corporate priorities and requires that this Policy be implemented by each VISION SAFETY Employee.