ViroShield Disinfection Tunnel

The ViroShield Disinfection Tunnel by Vision Safety is an innovative product featuring a fully automatic disinfection tunnel equipped with motion sensors, sprays users with a mist that disinfects clothes as they walk through it. This solution is ideal for businesses, government departments, as well as residential communities.

The disinfectants and equipment used in the tunnel are compliant with Dubai Municipality’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and are also safe and environment friendly. Vision Safety has developed the high-pressure and low-pressure disinfection tunnel for the use of different customers. A heavy-duty variant is meant for industrial fogging while another with a lower capacity is designed to meet the needs of communities.

Benefits of ViroShield

Eradicates 99.999%

of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Dubai Municipality approved

biocides and disinfectants.

100% safe for kids

and pets.

Odorless and breaks down into simple salt,

no-rinse required.

Fast, effective and efficient


Ensures a safe and germ-free environment

at facilities, communities, buildings, camps, etc.

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